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Resource and Allocation Committee

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DRAFT Hartnell College Board Room - 411 Central Salinas, CA
March 16, 2011 at 3:00PM

Ann Wright
Phoebe Helm

Dale Fuge
Langston Johnson
Ismael Ramirez
Nancy Schur
Joanne Trevino

Carole Bogue-Feniour
Melissa Stave
Nicki Baird

Barbara Luther

Agenda #1

Topic:Academic Affairs Reorganizational Chart
Presenter:Carole Bogue Feniour
Summary of Agenda Item:Carole led the discussion regarding the final organizational chart for Academic Affairs. The organization inc ludes four deans in the Academic Affairs and Accreditation area. The current management structure includes two dean positions, thus additional funding is sought for two new dean positions and another new position, Director of Research and Student Success. The job descriptions for Dean of Curriculum & Instructional Support and Dean of Language, Fine Arts & Student Support are being drafted, with the goal of advertising these positions in late March or early April.

Carole noted that the organizational structure has been reviewed extensively across the college and that the final draft reflects input from those discussions.

RAC members briefly discussed clarification of some of the new roles. They also raised questions regarding funding of the positions. After extensive discussion, the group agreed that the best course of action would be to request analysis from the Financial Information Subcommittee (FIS) to address funding and report back to the RAC. RAC also clarified that its role is to recommend resource allocation, and that the final arbiter is the Board.

Ann requested a motion. Nancy Schur moved to recommend that the organization as presented in the final chart be realized. Langston Johnson seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Action(s) required:Nancy stated for the record that: If there is a funding shortfall and it cannot be absorbed within the Academic Affairs budget, she would like this topic to return to the RAC before other funds are allocated.

Ann will report back to RAC as to FIS findings.

Responsibilites:Ann Wright
Deadline(s):April 13, 2011

Agenda #2

Topic:Status of IT report
Presenter:Phoebe Helm
Summary of Agenda Item:Phoebe stated the report would be ready for the next RAC meeting on April 13, 2011.
Action(s) required:Distribution of IT report to RAC prior to the next meeting where RAC will discuss it. Phoebe stated that it would be shared with managers, as well as the Board President, in the near future.
Responsibilites:Phoebe Helm
Deadline(s):April 13, 2011

Agenda #3

Topic:Summer and Fall Schedules
Presenter:Carole Bogue Feniour
Summary of Agenda Item:Carole stated that the summer target is 900 FTE’s and predicted a very big summer program. Phoebe emphasized that the state had agreed to pay for growth which was unusual. Carole anticipated the catalog would to be ready for proofing by the 18th with the final being available in hard copy by March 28th.
The target for fall is 3,500-3,700 FTE’s. Phoebe stressed that it was important to look at the 2009-2010 year since it was so successful. When asked how the scheduling could be improved over this year’s process, Phoebe replied there were several issues identified. Specifically the issues were; the counting of JPA, the student “drop” system (implemented when an outstanding balance was due) and the postponement of opening the Alisal campus.
RAC also discussed the shadow class strategy and clarified some points about its implementation.
The group requested that once Carole had finalized the numbers she report that information to the RAC.

Action(s) required:Final report on actual numbers (seats scheduled for Summer and Fall = FTES capacity)
Responsibilites:Carole Bogue-Feinour

Agenda #4

Topic:Board Retreat
Presenter:Phoebe Helm
Summary of Agenda Item:Phoebe told the group the board will be having a retreat on April 26, 2011 from 5-9 PM The draft agenda for the retreat included leadership (RAC,VP’s and managers participating, reports on the community’s demographic and socio-economic profile, key issues impacting institutional capacity, planning areas and goal setting. She asked that RAC members play a role in the planning and implementation of the retreat. She will follow up with Ann to help determine in what capacity RAC members will participate.
Action(s) required:Member assignments for board retreat.
Responsibilites:Phoebe Helm, Ann Wright
Deadline(s):March 31, 2011