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Cooperative Work Experience Education Program
Welcome and thank you for your interest in Hartnell College's Cooperative Work Experience Program!

What is Cooperative Work Experience/Internship Education?

Cooperative Work Experience (Co-Op) is an academic program in which students, employers, and the college cooperate to turn students' employment or volunteer experience into an "off-campus" classroom.

Students earn degree applicable college credit and employers gain better employees.
Through Co-Op the student can:

  • learn or improve job skills under actual working conditions
  • discover career goals by applying classroom theory to real life experiences
  • test and demonstrate abilities at work
  • provide an avenue for increased responsibility at workwhile contributing to the local economy
  • develop academic and occupational skills.

Student Opportunities / Requirements:  Details given at Orientation
Units are earned based on the average hours worked per week during the semester of enrollment as shown below:

Hours per week

Earned units

Paid Work

Volunteer Work

  4 –   5 hrs. / wk.

1 unit

  75 hrs. during 18 week semester

  60 hrs. during 18 week semester

  8 –   9 hrs. / wk.

2 units

150 hrs. during 18 week semester

120 hrs. during 18 week semester

12 – 13 hrs. / wk.

3 units

225 hrs. during 18 week semester

180 hrs. during 18 week semester

16 – 17 hrs. / wk.

4 units

300 hrs. during 18 week semester

240 hrs. during 18 week semester

Earn up to 6 units each semester (16 max at Hartnell – AA/Certificate applicable – CSU transferable)

  • Complete a Cooperative Work Experience Appliation
  • Meet a minimum of three times w/Co-Op Instructor
  • Establish 3 Learning Objectives
  • Complete required assignments
  • Complete a Workplace Competencies Student Evaluation

Employer Agreements and Benefits

  • Provide student with opportunity to document what they are learning at their work
  • Provide feedback to student and instructor on student’s progress via mentoring interactions
  • Provide student with consistent hours each week of the semester
  • Enjoy consistent employee attendance
  • Enjoy increases in your employee’s skills by providing opportunity for specific training

Students earn college credit toward a degree and employers gain self-directed employees.