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Department of Supportive Programs & Services


Learning Skills (LSK)

LSK 105
Emotional Management

Instruction to specific behavioral approaches designed to identify and manage negative feelings. Positive peer support and self-talk skills designed to help students manage life disrupting problems, emotions, and events.


LSK 126
Study Skills

This course is designed to assist students with disabilities to succeed in college through a better understanding of their own individual learning styles, aptitudes, and behaviors. Students gain exposure to a variety of "best practice" study skills to succeed in college.

LSK 210
Learning Skills Assessment

This course offers intensive learning skills assessment for students with possible learning disabilities including dyslexia through self-appraisal and diagnostic evaluation. strengths and weaknesses in basic skills as well as learning modalities will be assessed.

LSK 211
Learning Skills Lab

This course is designed to provide disabled students with individualized computer assisted and small group instruction, and for individualized assistance and instruction in the uses of the computer as a learning tool. This course also instructs students in basic skills to enhance success in mainstream classes.

Adaptive Physical Education (PEAD)

Adaptive Circuit Endurance Training

A course designed for the physically disabled student to enhance their strength and cardiovascular endurance by using progressive resistance machines to develop muscle strength and flexibility.