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Placement Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is assessment?
Assessment is the placement of all new students into the correct levels of English and math. Hartnell uses an electronic placement assessment called Accuplacer. This electronic placement assessment uses the latest technology to help students place into the correct levels of English and math.

Who has to take the placement assessment?
All new and returning students are required to take the placement assessment EXCEPT:

·  students who have earned an AA/AS degree or more advanced degree;
·  students who have completed both English 253 and Math 201 at Hartnell College or equivalent or higher courses with a grade of C or better at another college or university;
·  students who provided Accuplacer scores from another California Community College within the last two years and have presented a copy of these scores to a Hartnell College Counselor for review and documentation;
·  students who are enrolling in less than 6 units in which English and math skills are not required (IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT ALL STUDENTS TAKE THE PLACEMENT ASSESSMENT);
·  students who can provide scores to a Hartnell College Counselor from the Advanced Placement Examination from the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB), Educational Testing Service, with a score of 3 or above in the areas of English – Language & Composition, Math (Calculus AP)

I think I meet one of the exemptions from the placement assessment. What do I do?
See a Counselor and work with the Counselor to complete a Prerequisite Clearance form. When you meet with the Counselor, be sure to bring all relevant documentation with you.

Where and when can I take the placement assessment?
The placement assessment is given in the Assessment Center currently located in CALL 110, nest to Admissions and Records. The placement assessment is generally offered Monday through Friday and some Saturdays.  The placement assessment is by appointment only.  To make an appointment, please call (831) 759-6054 or (831) 755-6820.

What do I need to bring with me when I take the placement assessment?
Be sure to bring a photo identification such as a driver’s license. You will not be tested unless you have photo identification

What services are available for students with disabilities?
The placement assessment is not a timed assessment and is accessible to most students with disabilities. Additionally, students with disabilities may arrange for modified placement assessment by calling the Department of Supportive Program and Services (DSP&S) at (831) 755-6760.

Can I take the placement assessment more than once?
Students may take the placement assessment a second time under the following conditions:
at least fourteen days have passed since the first test (to allow for extra preparation and study), and
the student has talked with the Assessment Center staff or a Counselor about how to better prepare for the placement assessment and has received sample questions and study materials.

I’m a high school student. May I take the placement assessment at my high school?
The placement assessment is usually offered at local high schools during the spring of each year. Check with your high school Counselor about the dates and availability. Also, see the Hartnell College web page for more information.

Do I need to bring my high school transcripts to my counseling appointment?
Yes Transcripts are essential in education planning with your Counselor. However, high school classes cannot be used to meet prerequisites to college level classes.

Is there a fee to take the placement assessment?
There is no charge to take the placement assessment.

How long is my placement assessment valid?
Hartnell College recognizes your placement scores for a period of two years. Remember continued use of math and language skills may improve over time. If your scores are over two years old, you must take the test again.

How can I prepare for the placement assessment?
The Assessment Center staff has materials and sample questions to help you prepare. The materials and sample questions are available to you free of charge and can be picked up at the counseling reception desk in the CALL building or online at www.hartnell.edu/students/staar/ .  Be sure to come to Assessment Center well rested. Be sure to eat properly before taking the placement assessment.
No food or drink is allowed in the Assessment Center.

How long does it take for the placement assessment?
There is no time limit. Most placement assessments take approximately 2 hours.

What if I don’t know how to use a computer?
No computer skills are required and the Assessment Center staff is available to help you in using the computer mouse, if needed.

When do I receive the results of the placement assessment?
A printed copy of your scores is available immediately upon completion of the placement assessment. Counselors and the Assessment Center staff will also have access to your results.

When I complete the placement assessment what is the next step?
The next step is sign up for an Orientation to College workshop.  You can sign up at the Counseling reception desk located in the CALL building or call 831-755-6820.  You can also complete an online Orientation to College at http://old-www.hartnell.edu/orientation/

What is an Orientation to College workshop?
Orientation is a short workshop (available on-line or in person) for all new students.  The workshop is designed specifically to help students succeed in college. Orientation provides important information on Hartnell policies, procedures, academic requirements, educational costs, student support services, college success techniques and strategies, and other important topics. Upon the completion of Counseling 21, students will have knowledge of general education, college policies, university transfer requirements, and certificate and degree requirements.  During the in person workshop you will also receive assistance registering for your classes.

Who should sign up for an Orientation to College workshop?
All new or returning Hartnell College students should complete an Orientation to College workshop before or during their first semester

Should I see a Counselor?
Yes! All students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a Counselor for educational planning; course selection; career development; major selection; individual counseling; personal development; connecting to other services; and referral programs on and off campus. To schedule an appointment with a Counselor, call (831) 755-6820.  Counselors are also available throughout the summer for EXPRESS counseling in Admissions and Records.  Quick questions and course recommendations can be answered during this type of academic counseling.