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Orientation to College

Breaking the Ice and Becoming Familiar With College

SUMS crew


The SUMS program began by a series of ice breakers that allowed the students to become familiar with each other. This task was certainly accomplished in no time!
Outdoor Ice Breaker
It's time for a real challenge! The mission: untangling themselves without removing their yarn handcuffs. They did it! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!
Evelyn Tricia Maritza Victor and Stacy

Cat Card Machine

Burger, sandwich, or salad?! Students learn how to use their Cat Card at the cafeteria

Dr. Pando and President Helm

SUMS students meet President Phoebe Helm.

Guest Speaker

Guess Who! Dr. Heath Proskin from CSUMB talks to SUMS students about college.

Folding Arms

Easily said than done The SUMS crew was surprised when they realized how hard it was to fold their arms using the opposite arm. The lesson behind this exercise was to become open-minded to a new way of thinking