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Exploring Astronomy & Physics

What a better way to be introduced to Astronomy than with a Star Party at the Fremont Peak Observatory (and it just isn't a party without cake!). Now, the question that was in everyone’s mind was: Are we studying Physics or Astronomy? The answer is…Astronomy is Physics!!!
During this week, students made their own telescopes and ended the week by putting their heads together to discover what it would take to power the entire city of Salinas using solar energy!

Dr. Cude and students
Before doing some star sighting, the students recieved one-on-one guidance about reading star maps by Dr. Jesse Cude (above) & Dr. Joe Hennawi (below).
Students had the opportunity to check out the 'outside view' of our sky using an earth and atmosphere model. Dr. Hennawi
cake! Fremont Peak earth  
During the Fremont Peak's fieldtrip, students saw the rings of Saturn and Jupiter through the telescope for the first time. The audience also heard a presentation on Dark Matter and the instructor's trip to the Canary Islands where they had the priviledge of using the most powerful telescopes on Earth.