Significant collaborations 2008-2009

November 25, 2008  Annual Report

Met with Gavilan to close the end of the year books and write the report.  Looked at the EIS system.  Will bring down faculty and staff to talk through how to collect, store and retrieve data for Title V.  Will demonstrate out EIS system to Gavilan.


Collaboration & Outcomes

January 23, 2009  IT Collaboration

The two IT teams met to talk about how to store and retrieve data for the Title V.  Played with the EIS system.  CD’s to be sent to Gavilan so that they can copy the EIS system into their data storage system.  Tour of the new smart classrooms at Hartnell.  Demonstrated new teacher station (Gavilan will put this in their classrooms.

October 16, 2008  Collaboration Day

Went to Gavilan to meet with ESL and English Faculty to talk about smart classrooms.  Was introduced to the new document camera that Gavilan has been working with.  Will put it in the new classrooms at Hartnell.

March 12, 2009  SLO Collaboration

Cheryl from Hartnell and Alex from Gavilan met to talk about SLO’s and data collection.  The intent is to not develop new systems when one or the other have the answers.

Research Links

HartnelL College shall provide its diverse communities and student population with equal opportunities for educational access and success.

Hartnell ColLege  Collaborative Title V

August 13, 2009  Basic Skills Collaboration

Met with Vic Robinson, Shuk Chun, and Sherrean Carr developing tasks for the new grant year and setting up tasks for the Annual Report.

April 24, 2009  IT Collaboration

Gary Hughes (Hartnell) and Vic Robinson (Gavilan) and representatives of the  two IT staffs met to talk about wireless nodes and wireless security.

May 18, 2009  IT/Research Collaboration

The two schools met to talk about research tools and techniques to meet the requirements of the two Research Centers.