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Annual Collaborative Activity Outcomes

By September 30, 2009

1.        Student Access and Success Research Centers tracking 250 participating students 

During the 2008-2009 year we were finally able to hire the Programmer/Analysis to assist us in the development of tools to be able to mine the information in DataTel and present it in faculty managed reports.  We decided to develop a team to work on this project and began working on the logic behind college wide Core Competencies and especially on writing competency.  The team also developed

Text Box: a tool for the Executive Information System which allows faculty and staff to look at those that were successful in a target class, how many moved to the next class (persisted) and then how many were successful in the second class over time.  This tool is being used by the ESL and English faculty to create changes in the English 253 course (a target course for the Grant.)
2.	Evaluation data indicates participating student retention at 60%
The development and testing of the “Directed Learning Activities” for the English 253 gateway classes has had surprising success.  Depending upon the year the retention of English 253 students was as low as 45% and as high as 50%.  In those courses that are using the “DLA’s” the retention data shows a low of 63% and a high of 80%.  We do not know what causes the difference but will spend this year tracking those students.
Student learning outcomes for 5% of all courses will be completed  
	All of the courses in English and ESL have “Student Learning Outcomes.”  We are now beginning to test those SLO’s to see if they are valid.
4.	Two new courses (information competency and computer literacy course with an emphasis in multimedia) will be developed and fully scheduled 
LIB 5 (Information Competency in the Sciences and Applied Technology), LIB 6 (Information Competency in the Social Sciences), LIB 7 (Information Competency in Literature and the Fine Arts), CSS43 (Computer Systems and Information Literacy), CSS200 (Computer Skills Acquisition), and CSS210.48 (Computer and Information Literacy Lab) have been accepted by the curriculum committee and are all in the catalogue and being offered.  
Ten (10) ESL and English faculty will participate in 2 best practices workshops with 90% reporting integrating one or more new methodologies into their courses
4 faculty went to Truman College to look at the ESL and English practices.  At least one of the methodologies was brought back and is being used in the classroom. The trip to Truman also cause the Visual Arts facility to have a complete make over. 4 faculty went to Cal Poly University to look at classroom design.   Check out Travel Reports.  
6.	Expanded academic support services will be in-place with hiring and training of 4 supplemental instruction facilitators and 6 new tutors.
Met and exceeded all of the objectives.  Please check data links at the bottom of the page.
7.	Persistence in ESL and English Sequences will rise 
	A.	ESL by 15%
	B.	English sequence by 5%
Check out the DLA Grade data at the bottom of the page.  
Overall, students who completed DLAs in 11 classes performed more than a letter grade better--1.23, to be exact--in their English classes than students who didn't do DLAs. Furthermore, students gave the DLAs 88% (B+) in their surveys. The anecdotal comments for individual classes speak for themselves. Among the comments are how helpful and friendly the staff is in the Reading and Writing Lab and that the DLAs help students tremendously with writing, grammar, and comprehension of English concepts. 
Twenty (20) faculty will have completed two technology integration workshops with 75% reporting integrating one or more new methodologies into their courses  
Technology integration workshops are offered on an ongoing basis.  More than 20 faculty have participated in these trainings.  What we have not done is track how many of them are integrating these into their curriculum.  That will be one of the tasks of the research group.
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