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Hartnell College has an institutional license to Turnitin.com.  Contact training@hartnell.edu for more information on how to sign up and get started with this great resource! 

Not sure if the system is down currently? Check out the official Turnitin System Status Log here!

To create a Turnitin assignment within your Canvas course, please view Turnitin's comprehensive guide here or the PDC's Quick-Start guide here!

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is an online tool that helps instructors provide personalized feedback to students. There are 3 main features:

  1. Ensure Originality (potential plagiarism checker)
  2. Smarter Grading (students receive legible, timely feedback while saving grade time)
  3. Streamline Peer Reviews

In addition - you can also grade using your iPad using the Turnitin for iPad app available from the AppStore.

What's new with Turnitin?

  • Feedback Studio
    • Click the link above to learn about the new features available in Feedback Studio, which has been enabled for our campus! You can check for plagiarism by using the original context in which the matching text was found, create new and use existing comments by dragging and dropping, use voice features to leave comments, and create and use rubrics to complete grading.
  • Canvas Integration
  • Cloud Submit
    • Students can submit files from their computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox.
  • "Grade Anything"
    • Turnitin now offers the ability to grade "anything".  You can grade powerpoint presentations, excel spreadsheets, documents, and even no submission file at all (think dance performance or musical recital) . You can also import rubrics from Excel.
  • Turnitin for iPad
    • All work automatically syncs with Turnitin account
    • Check submissions for originality
    • Add QuickMark and general comments
    • Leave a voice comment
    • Grade with Rubrics

On-Demand Training Resources

Plagiarism Advice Webinar Series | On-demand

Turnitin Live Expert Training | On-demand (certificates available upon request for flex documentation)

Instructor Help: How to set up a Turnitin Assignment in Canvas

Student Help: Setting up Account and Submitting a Paper

Student Help: Submitting Turnitin Assignments in Canvas