WISE participates in a variety of activities through the semester.  Get involved with our fundraising, group activities and conferences.  The best way to learn about upcoming events is through our google group.  To become a member of our goggle group, you must first be a club member and then send an e-mail to one of the club officers.





LMSA medical conference


Day Two of the conference will focus on critical issues in health care, community health, career development, leadership in medicine, and health policy.  Seminars will address medical career planning, residency options and training programs, community health issues, health care and more.  For more information visit the website http://lmsa.net/default.asp?contentID=83

This is a funded event.  Interested students need to sign up on the roster outside of M28 (Chanté’s office) and then register online.  To get reimbursed for this event you must bring your receipt on the day of the trip.

Saturday April 10, 2010

Family Health and Science Day

Science and health take center stage at the first annual family health and science day.  This free community event highlights the sciences and healthy living.  In addition to the nutrition and health workshops we help by holding science demonstrations, selling healthy snacks and promote continued education in the Sciences.

Saturday April 27, 2010

Boys and Girls Club

Club members volunteer at the Boys and Girls club of Salinas in the Science Center.  We provide weekly science activities for BGC members in all areas of science including Ecology, Marine Biology, Technology, Physics, Astronomy, Human Anatomy and more.  

Year round

Star Gazing and geology hikes

Fremont Peak Observatory http://www.fpoa.net/ or the Pinnacles http://old-www.hartnell.edu/astronomy/PinnaclesPromo_20100319.pdf field trips with the Dr. Moths astronomy class. These events are dependent on weather therefore you need to check the websites to see if an event is canceled or not.  The club provides refreshments at these events for club members and their guests.

During Spring and Fall semesters









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