Women's Education & Leadership Institute (WELI)

More than a scholarship program

WELI is a program created by local women leaders to support students of Hartnell College. WELI is designed to increase the leadership capacity, workforce skills, college enrollment, and college completion rate of women, single parents, and re-entry students in the Salinas Valley. The program supports students who are socially, educationally and economically disadvantaged. We are seeking students who are committed to improving their lives and the lives of their families through higher education.

Leadership Skills Training Program:

Provides 25 students with a 3-day workshop.

Topics include:

  • Budgeting for the student/family
  • Time and stress management skills
  • Resources to achieve a higher education plan
  • Interpersonal skills, such as communication and presentation skills
  • Goal setting

Mentor Program:

Scholars participate in quarterly coordinated WELI mentorship activities over one year.


Upon completion of the Leadership Skills Training, students receive a $1,000 award. An additional $1,000 will be given upon successful completion of the quarterly mentor workshops.

WELI Club:

WELI scholars are eligible to become WELI Club officers and act as mentors for future WELI students. The WELI Club provides resources to all students, including, study groups, academic tutoring, pee-support, engagement in community service, and ongoing leadership training opportunities.