Soledad Education Center Staff & Services


Service  Contact Person When to Reach Out
Director of Soledad Education Center
Ana Gonzalez
Director of Academic Affairs
(South County Education Center)
(831) 755-6719
  • Front Desk
  • Facility Rental
Dina N. Uribe
Program Assistant I
(831) 755-6051
  • Not sure who to call
  • Want to rent a classroom
  • Enrollment & Financial Aid
  • Cashier & ID Card Services
  • Computer Lab
  • Bookstore Services
Monica Navarro
Enrollment Services Specialist
Front Office
(831) 755-6700 x 7723
  • Ready to enroll
  • Need to pay a bill
  • Need to fill in FA paperwork
  • Need a scantron, blue book, or other bookstore information
Rising Scholar Program
Brenda Jones
Inmate Education Program Coordinator
(831) 759-6029
  • Questions about our Rising Scholar Program
Non Credit ESL 
Fanny Salgado
College Pathways Coordinator
(831) 759-6046
  • Information about our ESL program Noncredit and Credit
  • Register for ESL Classes
  • Security issues
  • CPR/AED Services
Andre Cabrera
Front Office
(831) 755-6700 x7316
Mon-Fri 8am-4pm
  • Have a safety concern?
  • Want an escort to your car?


Sergio Diaz
Tue & Wed  Face to Face
By Appointment 
Valerie Maturino
 Counselor (DSPandS)
Main Campus
Building B - 107
(831) 770-7022
  • Learn differently?
  • Think accomodations would help?