Drafting Technology

The Drafting and Design Engineering Technology is a two-year program that combines drafting, engineering, and computer skills. Drafting and design engineering technologists prepare detailed drawings based on information, rough sketches, specifications, calculations and estimates prepared by other individuals or teams. A graduate of this program would qualify for employment in most drafting positions. Because the program is easily adapted to a number of specialized areas, it offers the opportunity for employment in architectural, construction, mechanical, electrical, and other related industries. This program also makes it possible for graduates to advance to a supervisory position in the drafting and design field. Completion of this program also enables the graduates to transfer to Engineering Technology or Industrial Technology programs at the baccalaureate level.

Upon successful completion of the Drafting and Design Engineering Technology program, a student should be able to:
• use modern technical engineering techniques, skills, and technology including computer-aided design applications and computing tools necessary for technical engineering/drafting practice.
• document the product/process model using appropriate methods, (multi-view drawings, pictorial, 3D sold models, charts/graphs, rendered and shaded image).
• function effectively on diverse, multi-disciplinary teams.
• access and evaluate information from a variety of sources including the Internet.
• apply appropriate theory, knowledge, and design standards of conventional practice to the preparation of documentation drawings

Associate of Science Drafting & Design Engineering Technology 


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Drafting & Design Engineering Technology - Associate of Science Degree
Drafting & Design Engineering Technology - Mechanical Emphasis - Certificate of Achievement
Drafting & Design Engineering Technology - Architectural Emphasis - Certificate of Achievement 



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