Superintendent/President Search Committee




  • Tony Anderson, counseling faculty
  • Elizabeth Estrella, counseling faculty
  • Mohammed Yahdi, mathematics faculty


  • Clint Cowden, dean of academic affairs
  • Moises Almendariz, director of Hispanic Serving Institution initiatives
  • Sonja Lolland, vice president of academic affairs

Classified Staff

  • Laura Otero, instructional technologist
  • Lucy Serrano, executive assistant to the president/superintendent and board of trustees
  • Ray Nonella, maintenance specialist


  • Samantha Saldana
  • Matthew Enders


  • Manuel Osorio, District 1
  • Erica Padilla-Chavez, District 6

Community members

  • Andy Hartmann
  • Diana Jimenez
  • Butch Lindley
  • Judith Sulsona
  • Kurt Gollnick


 Composition - 18 members

  • 3 Hartnell College Faculty (2 nominated by Academic Senate; 1 nominated by HCFA)
  • 3 Hartnell administrators, (nominated by administrators, including at least one educational and one classified administrator)
  • 3 Hartnell Classified Staff (1 nominated by each classified union, one nominated by confidential staff from their membership)
  • 2 Hartnell students (1 nominated from ASHC, 1 nominated by the ICC)
  • 2 Board of Trustee members
  • 5 members of the community. One will be nominated by the Hartnell College Foundation Board; four will be nominated by Hartnell College Board of Trustee members, representative of community interests such as education, business and industry, and non-profit, governmental, or community-based organizations. One community member shall represent the arts community    

It shall be the role and responsibility of the Human Resources Office to ensure a diverse and balanced committee, considering the ethnic, geographic, gender, and programmatic diversity of the college and the community, the interests of the satellite campus communities, and the breadth of the college’s educational offerings and mission.