Guided Pathways is a multi-year statewide program that provides all California Community Colleges the opportunity to implement a college-wide approach to student success by creating a more user-friendly educational experience that supports "each student from point of entry to the attainment of high-quality postsecondary credentials and careers"

H2.0 College Re-Design is Hartnell College's approach to guided pathways. In advance of celebrating its centennial in 2020, the College has made an unwavering commitment to reinventing itself through a systematic re-design and coherent integration of processes, systems, and structures toward the aim of better serving students for the next hundred years. 

Hartnell College has adopted the organizational structure depicted above that provides for monthly Assembly, Steering Committee, and Inquiry & Design Team meetings. Based on a student progression framework, the teams ensure dedicated focus on improving every stage of the student experience from pre-enrollment to entering students, then to continuing students and finally to completion.