Institutional Research Office

Nested under the Institutional Planning, Research and Effectiveness division, and established in early 2016, the main goal of the Institutional Research office is to promote a culture of evidence by supporting and engaging Hartnell College constituencies to gain insights from quantitative and qualitative data and research. Institutional Research aims to enable faculty, staff, administrators, students, and the Board of Trustees to develop and establish a comprehensive approach towards institutional data, statewide aligned metrics, and research findings. 


Guiding Principles

Transparency  -  Collaboration  -  Supporting a Culture of Inquiry

The Hartnell College Institutional Research office attempts to incorporate best practices in institutional based research, following guidance from:


Vision Alignment with Chancellor's office

The Hartnell College Institutional Research office follows the Vision for Success: (California Community College Chancellor’s Office). " The success of California’s broader system of higher education and workforce development stands or falls with the CCCs. To meet California’s needs, the CCC system should strive to achieve the following goals by 2022:

  • Increase by at least 20 percent the number of CCC students annually who acquire associates degrees, credentials, certificates, or specific skill sets that prepare them for an in-demand job.
  • Increase by 35 percent the number of CCC students system-wide transferring annually to a UC or CSU
  • Decrease the average number of units accumulated by CCC students earning associate’s degrees, from approximately 87 total units (the most recent system-wide average) to 79 total units—the average among the quintile of colleges showing the strongest performance on this measure
  • Increase the percent of exiting CTE students who report being employed in their field of study, from the most recent statewide average of 60 percent to an improved rate of 69 percent— the average among the quintile of colleges showing the strongest performance on this measure in the most recent administration of the CTE Outcomes Survey.
  • Reduce equity gaps
  • Reduce regional achievement gaps

For more information visit the Vision for Success pdf


Data & Research PRIORITIES

For the Academic Years 2017-2018  & 2018-2019 the Institutional Research office has ten main data & research priorities. All data and research requests would be attended based on the alignment with the following Institutional Research Priorities:   

  • Accreditation and Institutional Self Accreditation Report (ISER)
  • State &  Agencies Mandated reports
  • Strategic Plan 2019-23- Research Focus
  • Guided Pathways
  • Program Planning and Assessment
  • AB-705 and Multiple Measures
  • CORE Outcomes – (Completion of Awards, Time & Units (Efficiency), Transfer and Employment)
  • Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM)
  • Grant Applications/Evaluation
  • Strong Workforce



This is basic college wide data. Choose the report that you want to see (you can select all or any number of reports you want), the number of years you want data about, and the location you are interested in and push run. When the report is displayed you need to use the page down button to navagate from one report to the next.


 Data & Research Timeline

Institutional Research has an ongoing set of projects in the Academic Year. To access the full timeline of projects, go to: IR Projects Timeline 


 Data & Research Requests

Institutional Research wants to promote a culture of inquiry. We are developing data tools and dashboards as well as placing important state-wide data repositories for your access in this website.

Before submitting a request for institutional data or research please take a moment to see if the information is already available. You can use the search feature to browse by themes. 

The time to receive your results back depends on the institutional research priorities, the current office load and the complexity of your request. Please give us as much advanced notice as possible if you are working with a deadline.

  • Unsure of what you want? Or needing specific sets of data, complete our Data Request Form
  • If you look for a more comprehensive study with robust research questions, complete our Research Request Form
  • If you are not a college employee and want to have access Hartnell Populations for research purposes, please complete the External requests form and check if your project is or not exempt for Institutional Review Board
  • If you are a graduate student (regardless if you are Hartnell employee or not), and are seeking to access Hartnell Populations for your dissertation study, please access the Dissertation Request Process


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