Bright Futures: WELI and CSin3 are highlighted

Publish Date: 
Jan 16, 2018
Woman giving lecture at CS in 3 discussion

On Friday, January 12, 2018, Bright Futures Education Partnership presented Community Bright Spots at CSUMB @ Salinas City Center (Steinbeck Center). Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Romero Jalomo and Vice President of Community Development at Taylor Farms, Margaret D’Arrigo led the program to introduce the best of the best in Monterey County.

The 2-hour program introduced ‘Bright Spots’ in College, K-12, and Early Care. Hartnell was honored to present two of our programs.  Adriana Gonzalez represented the WELI program and how this has impacted her life. She is a Communication Studies Major and a DREAMER.  Alumnus Joseph Molina represented the CSin3 Program. He shared his experience during the 3-year program, the internship opportunities, and his future in Android development. Both Panthers expressed themselves with confidence and pride. Everyone in the audience was impressed with them and with the programs.

A number of Hartnell administrators were there to learn of the advances in education and what the future looks like in this arena.  Trustee Erica Padilla-Chavez was there to present on why ‘equity matters’ and shared her own experience navigating through high school and on to college. She is the first in her family to go to college.

It was a great session to learn what all leaders in education are doing in our area to prepare the future generations for higher education and for life.