Forbes AgTech Summit at Hartnell

Publish Date: 
Jul 13, 2018

On June 27, 2018 the Agricultural Business and Technology Institute hosted the Forbes 2018 Ag Tech Summit Field Demos at Hartnell College, Alisal Campus. Dean Clint Cowden, Director Rosie Armstrong, and Program Assistant Belen Gonzales were part of the coordinating team.

Approximately 250 guests visited the Campus and I was glad to welcome them during a lunch program. Guests were then divided into seven groups and embarked on a rotating tour of exhibitor stations that included: Motivo, Bear Flag Robotics, Pacific Ag Rentals/AGcess, CAPE, HeavyConnect and our own, Hartnell College Alternative Fuels program. 

Many thanks to our extraordinary staff that helped us prepare and jumped in throughout the day including staff from Maintenance and Operations, ITR and ABTI. Additionally, a team of extraordinary volunteers of guides and greeters provided our Forbes' guests with the utmost professionalism, courtesy and pleasant experience. 

A special thank you to the following tour guides and greeters: Mary Dominguez/Student Affairs; Min Hu and Shawn Pullum/ITR; Savannah Lewis, Mariana Downie, Susan Derichsweiler, Margie Wiebusch/Foster and Kinship Care; Ashton Clarke, Aleen Bradley, Francesca Caver and Andrea Cervantes/Foundation; Ben Figueroa and Dina Uribe/Administrative Services; Kristen Arps, Anna Velazquez and Ana Gonzalez/Adult Ed.; Cristina Zavala/President's Office; Paulette Bumbalough/King City Education Center; Moises Almendariz/HSI; Pete Escoto, Ambar Mercado, Sandra Marquez, Marek Lipowski, Meaghan Black, Lourdes Sanchez, Sharon Albert, Melissa Casillas, Lisa Fischler and Alejandra Carrillo.