Francesco, Matteo and Elise delight in many ways

Publish Date: 
Feb 22, 2018

Last week, we were so happy to have Francesco Attesti and Matteo Galli for a Piano and Organ, a Symphonic Duo Concert, in their annual visit to Hartnell.  This time, they were in good company with Soprano Elise Caluwaerts.  Attesti is from Cortona, Italy and is a pianist of international acclaim.  Galli is from Milan and the chief organist at local Basilicas. Elise is from Belgium, speaks 7 languages, and travels around the world sharing her talent as an opera singer.

Performance for over 1,500 4th/5th graders

It was a busy week of performances. To start, the talented musicians shared their craft with around 1,500 4th and 5th graders from the Salinas City Elementary School District. Francesco, Matteo, and Alise performed four matinees for the students. In each, the children were impressed and at the end of each presentation, the questions did not cease. During the shows, they also presented two videos to show and explain a little bit of the history of the piano and the organ.

One piano, four hands at Rotary

On Tuesday, the artists were my guests at Rotary. It was my honor to introduce them to the crowd and, of course, a piano was available and so Francesco and Matteo played a song for us. Both of them, four hands, playing for the amazement of the members there.

A master class for our community

As it is usual, a master class is offered to students and the community. Matteo and Francesco had one-on-one time with about a dozen attendees who got to learn techniques not taught in the classroom.

A grand show for the community at large

On February 15, 2018, the community at large was invited to the grand show.  The three of them delighted the audience with their talent. Some of the children who had been there for the matinees returned with their families. Everyone enjoyed small bites and drinks after the concert out in the courtyard in building K. Hartnell thanks GKK Works, Associated Students of Hartnell College, PBI, Northridge Mall, and the Hartnell College Foundation for sponsoring this event to promote music.