Salinas Valley AgTech Summit is the largest yet!

Publish Date: 
Apr 4, 2018

The Fifth Annual Salinas Valley Ag Technology Summit opened Tuesday evening, March 27, 2018 with a fireside chat and reception featuring Salinas natives Kirk L. Haney, CEO & Managing Partner, Radicle Growth and Dennis Donohue, lead for Western Growers Innovation and Technology Center. The STEM Center and the Mainstage were vibrant with innovation and purpose.

The AgTech Summit followed on Wednesday, March 28 at Hartnell College. It was an eventful day with an outstanding attendance of over 1,000+, including 64 speakers, more than 75 vendors, and more than 30 countries represented.

This was the first time the AgTech summit was hosted on Main Campus.  Some of the special highlights and guest speakers include Colby Pereira, president of Monterey County Farm Bureau; Drew McDonald, vice president Quality & Food Safety at Taylor Fresh Foods; Yinon Eliza (Taranis) presented on next generation aerial imagery technology to prevent crop diseases; Nikki Rodoni (founder Measure to Improve) led on all-star panel entitled Addressing Plastic Pollution as an Innovation Opportunity.

One of the unique aspects of the event was that Ag employees could get their continuing education credit hours while enjoying the Summit’s other amenities like the exhibitor trade show.

We thank Salinas Councilmember, Steve McShane for having the vision for this AgTech Summit five years ago and for his incomparable support; to committee Chair, Nick Pasculli from TMD for his leadership; to Marci Bracco and the Chatterbox PR team for planning and execution of event; and to the Hartnell staff and volunteers to help make this the most successful Salinas Valley AgTech Summit yet! Our sponsors are key in making all this happen and we thank them all, specially our presenting sponsors TRICORD Tradeshow Services, Scheid Vineyards, Biotechnology Innovation Organization, and Converted Organics. Save the date! The next AgTech Summit is on March 29, 2019.