Hartnell Mobile Apps (Canvas & Ellucian GO)

Connect with Hartnell College through the Canvas Student and Ellucian GO mobile apps! Access your online course content and grades through the Canvas app, or register for classes, pay your balance, and more with Ellucian GO.

App Features

Canvas Student App logoCanvas Student

Grades: View all grades and course content posted by your instructor (use Ellucian GO to view official final grades)

Assignments: Submit assignments, view deadlines, and use the calendar to keep track of course work

Course content: Watch videos, access additional materials, view course announcements and more!

Discussions: Participate in discussion forums

Notifications & Messaging: Send and receive messages, and receive push notifications for new grades and course updates

*certain features only available if your instructor posts these items in their Canvas courses

Ellucian GO Mobile App iconEllucian GO

Classes: Search and register for classes, view your class schedule, and access final grades

Account Balance: Check your account balance and make a payment

Counseling Appointments: Make a counseling appointment right from the app

News & Event notifications: Stay informed with personalized announcements delivered right to your device

Library & Bookstore: Dig into the resources at your institution’s library & bookstore

Maps: Know your campus like the back of your hand

Social Media: Get the latest Hartnell College social media updates!

* certain features require PAWS login and password

Getting Started

Getting started is easy! Download the app using the links below, sign in, and specify Hartnell College as your school.

Canvas Student App logoDownload and install the Canvas Student mobile app on your phone by tapping one of the icons below, or find it at the Play store (Android) or App Store (Apple) on your mobile device:

Link to Ellucian Go on Google PlayLink to Ellucian Go on App StoreIf you need help, check out the Canvas Student app help page.

Ellucian GO Mobile App iconDownload and install the Ellucian GO mobile app on your phone by tapping one of the icons below, or find it at the Play store (Android) or App store (Apple) on your mobile device:

Link to Ellucian Go on Google PlayLink to Ellucian Go on App Store If you need help, check out the Getting Started with GO video.