EOPS Student Responsibilities


Newly accepted students do not become active members of the program until they complete their intake materials:

  1. Complete a one time, mandatory, EOPS New Student Orientation
  2. Sign the Mutual Responsibility Contract
  3. Attend 1st Contact with an EOPS counselor

New students can complete their intake assignments in Canvas


STUDENT Responsibilities

All EOPS students must follow the responsibilities listed in the Mutual Responsibility Contract to remain in good standing with the program. If students do not follow the responsibilities, it may result in elimination of services or disqualification from the program altogether.

Every semester*, EOPS students must:

  • Complete a minimum of three (3) EOPS contacts; two (2) with an EOPS counselor and submit one (1) EOPS Midterm Progress Report
  • Maintain enrollment in six (6) or more units as a continuing EOPS student
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA or above

*Summer sessions are not required



Over 70

An EOPS student shall continue to be eligible until the student has completed 70 degree-applicable units. Time enrolled in remedial courses (ENG 101, ENG 253, MAT 201, etc.), including remedial level ESL, shall not be included when computing degree-applicable units. All degree applicable units earned at any college must be counted toward the 70-unit limit. This limitation is waived only in cases where the student is declared to a High Unit Majors as determined by Hartnell College.


If an EOPS student does not enroll for one full semester (excluding summer), they will be placed as "Inactive" and will need to submit a new application and meet the eligibility requirements if they are interested in being a member of the program when they return to Hartnell College.


If an EOPS student does not comply with the program's responsibilities, they will be placed on “Warning” for the following semester. Warning students are eligible to receive any program services they may qualify for.


If an EOPS student does not comply with the program's responsibilities during their "Warning" semester, they will be placed on “Disqualification.” Students on “Disqualification” are no longer active members of the program; therefore they are not eligible to receive services. Students have the opportunity to petition their “Disqualification” from EOPS by completing a Petition For Reinstatement. If a student's petition is approved, they will be reinstated to EOPS as an active member of the program.


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