WELCOME to the TRIO Student Support Services website!!

Our Primary Services include:

  • Pro-active Counseling
  • Tutoring in Math and English Courses
  • TRIO workshops on Educational Planning, Career Planning, Financial Literacy, Financial Aid and Scholarships

Our Secondary Services include:

  • The TRIO Study Center and TRIO Study Rooms
  • Technology Access, Textbook Lending Library
  • Visits to State Universities
  • Cultural & Campus Activities
  • Assistance in applying for Financial Aid (FAFSA) and Scholarship Aid.


The History of the  Hartnell College TRIO Student Support Services Program.
The TRIO Student Support Services Program at Hartnell College is a student retention program that serves 160 TRIO students. Our TRIO Student Support Services Program started in 2005 and as of 2014, we have graduated and/or transferred the majority of our TRiO students.

TRIO is funded by the US Department of Education and the history of the Federal TRIO programs dates back to the 1960's. The mission of the TRIO Program as given to the TRiO staff by President Obama, is to provide supportive educational services that will help low income and first generation students acquire a university and/or community college degree. President Obama wanted to increase the college graduation rate within the United States and the President is especially focused on increasing community college graduation rates.

The TRIO at Hartnell College is designed as a student support program to assist our TRiO students to attain their Associate of Arts degree and then transfer to a university to attain their bachelors degree.  The TRIO program provides needed academic support and “PRO-ACTIVE” student services to our students. By INSTRUSIVE student services, we mean that we actively motivate our students to come into the TRIO office to meet with the TRIO counselors, meet with the TRIO tutors, attending TRIO workshops on Educational Planning, Career Planning, Financial Literacy, Financial Aid and Scholarships, attend fieldtrips to state universities, and attend cultural events.

We are currently recruiting for our next cohort of students for the academic school year of 2019-2020. If you are a Hartnell College student and you are seeking additional services to help you reach your educational goal we encourage you to contact us at our TRIO office in the D Building, Room D-114 or by phone at 831-759-6013 to be added to the recruit mailing list.

We welcome you and encourage you to browse through our TRIO website to learn more about our wonderful TRIO program