Summer Bridge

High School students who are ready to enroll in the Summer Bridge program should scroll down and find the application link on the left hand side of the webpage under the Menu. Applications due by April 10th, 2015.

Hartnell College Summer Bridge Program--Crossing the bridge to YOUR future. Did you know careers in Engineering, Computer Science and Health Science pay over 35 dollars an hour? The Summer Bridge is a 5 week program that can jump start  your career in science. Earn while you learn!

The best thing about Summer Bridge was getting to meet and learn from professional because it helped me better understand
what they do and what I can do to attain a career like theirs.

"I was not  interested in any STEM major because I was not intrigued by it and I  thought I wasn't smart enough to pursue a STEM career. After completing the Summer Bridge program, I feel the opposite. I found STEM fields important and more exciting than I thought. When I make a decision of what career I want, it will be something in the STEM field."