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Academic Senate Agenda

November 22, 2005
3:00 PM, Annex

I. Call to Order: Meeting will call to order at 3:00 PM.

II. Adopt Agenda

III. Approve Minutes

IV. Public Comments (three minutes each)

V. President’s Report

VI. First Vice President’s Report

VII. Committee Reports (three minutes max/per committee):
A. Facilities Planning: Dr. Stan Crane
B. Program & Services Review: Dr. Allan Hoffman
C. Sabbatical Leave: Dr. Allan Hoffman
D. Staff Development: Tamberly Petrovich
E. Technology Master Planning: Gary Hughes
F. Tenure Review: Dr. Allan Hoffman


IX. Classified Senate Report

X. HCFA Report

XI. Discussion/Information Items (10 minutes max/each)
A. Tillery Team: Mary Dominguez
B. Courses with No Prerequisites or Advisories that Require Internet Use or Technology Skills
C. Suggested Goals to Work on with Dr. Valeau
D. Resolution Re Shared Governance Committees
E. Scenario: Liz Estrella

XII. Action Items
A. Matriculation Report

XIII. Announcements

XIV. Adjournment