Academic Senate Agenda

September 26, 2006

3:00 PM, Faculty Resource CenterTraining Room in Library



I. Call to Order:


II. Adopt Agenda:


III. Public Comments:


IV. Presidentís Report:


V.Student Senate Report


VI.Classified Senate Report


VII.Action Items

A.Approve peers for non-tenured faculty evaluations:

Bob Spier for Tony Anderson

Melissa Stave for Rachel Failano, Deborah Kazmar, and Yvonne Reid

Kelly Locke for Jim Riley, Leticia Contreras, and Nancy Schur

Stelvio Locci for Aaron Szamos

Yoshiko Matsushita Arao for Larry Adams

Dan Petersen for Rhea Mendoza-Lewis

Susan Hovde for Mary Cousineau

Carol King for James Beck

Ann Wright for Barbara Durham, Jeff Hughey, and Alex Edens

Theresa Carbajal for Mitzi Nohr

Greg Perkins for Mohammed Hussain

Ignacio Pando for LaVerne Cook


B.†††††††† Approve Distance Education Best Practices Document (this is the second reading of this item)


VIII. Discussion/Information Items

A.Appropriate administrative use of student facilitiesóA recent Rotary Luncheon that was held in the library during library hours has generated complaints from students.


B.Appropriate scheduling and facilities for South County classes held off-siteóSouth County courses are being scheduled in locations that have resulted in inadequate access to facilities and inadequate number of hours of instruction.

C.Information Competency Graduation Requirement Timeline:This has been approved by the Hartnell College Academic Senate, now we need a timeline for implementation.


D.New English and Math Requirement Timeline:Discussed by the Senate last spring, these have now been passed by the State Board of Governors and will become a requirement of all community colleges.


E.Senate Goals Discussion


F.Peers for tenured faculty.This is an information item

Theresa Carbajal for Maria Castillo

Jim Butler for Kelly Locke

Peggy Mayfield for Jennifer Fellguth

Bill Rawson for Peggy Mayfield

Bob Spier for Liz Estrella

Stelvio Locci for Jeff Roth


G.Student Policy Review Committee New Recommendations: ††These were brought last spring, but we didnít have the complete packet of them.This is the first reading of complete package of proposed new policies.



IX. Announcements:

State Senate Fall Session Oct. 26th --28th


X. Adjournment: