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Academic Learning Center - Computer Lab

The main campus Computer Center opened its doors in the Fall of 1994. Since that time it has served thousands of students and faculty. The Computer Center is home to 4 computer classrooms and an open lab area (E 211). There are approximately 150 PCs that have Windows operating systems. In addition, Windows Office programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint are available from each station, along with Internet access.

Each computer classroom is equipped with an instructor station which has a computer and projection system, thus allowing faculty to demonstrate concepts and techniques as they teach. A variety of classes are taught in this facility. No longer are the courses limited to Computer Information Systems; Business Office Technology, English, Business Administration, Counseling, Health Services, and Math are now being taught in the Computer Center. Besides the traditional method of teaching in the classroom, the Computer Center offers self-paced computer courses. It also provides assistance, access, and test administration for students enrolled in on-line courses taught through the campus.