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Board Policies

1045 Actions of the Governing Board
Four public members of the Governing Board will constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. An affirmative vote by four members present is required to make effective actions of the Governing Board, except in those instances in which the law requires a two-thirds (2/3) majority. In this latter instance, five (5) affirmative votes by Governing Board members present are required.

No action shall be taken by secret ballot, whether preliminary or final.

The adoption, modification, revision or termination of Governing Board policies shall require a one meeting lapse between the introduction of the proposal and action of the Governing Board, unless the Governing Board shall by unanimous vote of the members present and voting waive the one meeting lapse requirement.

The Governing Board will, when required by law, and may at other times, adopt Resolutions on a roll call vote. Such vote shall be recorded in the official minutes of the meeting.

Education Code 72000 and Government Code 54953
(Formerly Governing Board Policy 1035; adopted 10-20-81)
Adopted: Revised and renumbered 10-20-81
Revised/Adopted: 01-05-88, 4-4-95