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Board Policies

2320 Conference and Travel

The Governing Board recognizes the need for representation at conferences and activities which relate to the mission and objectives of the College. Therefore, the Superintendent/President is authorized to attend conferences, meetings and other activities that are appropriate to the functions of the college. Further, the President or designee(s) may approve the attendance by other employees at conferences, meetings, or activities where such attendance will be in the best interest of the college and its program.

Board member attendance at conferences, meetings, and other activities relating to the affairs of the District shall be authorized by a majority of the Governing Board prior to the member's travel. Whenever such attendance is authorized, the Board member attending the event shall make a report to the Governing Board at the first Governing Board meeting following his or her attendance at the authorized event.

Reimbursement for conference/travel expenses require receipts and shall be as follows:

Travel Within and Outside the United States:
Actual and necessary

Receipts for reimbursement of meals are required.

Board-approved rate except as otherwise provided in collective bargaining agreements. This rate shall be adjusted upward in accordance with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) approved reimbursement rate. Such adjustment shall take place at the next regular Board meeting following the IRS announcement.

Other Expenses:
Actual and necessary

All travel outside the United States must be approved in advance by the Governing Board.

The Superintendent/President shall develop regulations for the approval and reimbursement of expenses for attendance by employees at conferences, meetings, and workshops. These regulations are located in the Office of the Vice President of Administrative Services.

Education Code Section 87032 Governing Board Rules and Regulations (1954), p. 8
(Formerly Governing Board Policy 4133.1, adopted 10-1-85)
Adopted: Revised and renumbered 3-4-86
Revised and Adopted: 1-5-88, 11-3-92, 5-4-98, 4-2-02, 10-5-04