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Board Policies

5110 Reduction in Force Policy
The Governing Board recognizes that, with financial cutbacks and enrollment declines, it may become necessary to review educational and other programs to determine where reductions in programs or services are needed. To the extent that any reduction in workforce may be needed, the provisions of the California Education Code (particularly Section 87743, dealing with seniority and certificated staff), and the applicable collective bargaining agreement provisions will provide the framework for such reductions.

The Governing Board further recognizes its obligation under Section 87100 of the Education Code and its implementing regulations to increase the representation of and retain historically under-representation groups as defined by federal regulations. Therefore, consistent with the seniority provision cited above and all other applicable legal requirements, the Board adopts the following policy on Affirmative Action and Reduction in Force:

1. To the extent that discretion can be exercised within the framework of the California Education Code, collective bargaining agreements, and Hartnell's educational objectives, the District shall not allow an adverse impact on protected group members.

2. Any Hartnell College program review which may lead to a reduction in the workforce shall include an evaluation of the impact of such a reduction in the program or workforce on Hartnell College's Affirmative Action Goals and Timetables.

3. The Director of Human Resources and Staff Diversity shall be responsible for evaluation of proposed reductions in force decisions to ensure compliance with the policy set forth above, communicating with the Hartnell Affirmative Action Advisory Committee, and advising the Governing Board of this communication as part of Governing Board consideration of proposed reductions.

California Education Code Sections 87100,87743, 88001(g),and 88014 Adopted: 10-1-85
Revised and Adopted: 1-5-88, 1-2-90, 4-4-95, 4-6-98