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 Last/Department Name:  First Name:  Ext:  Position:  Area:  Location:  Email:
Babin Travis 755−6843 Head Baseball Coach Athletics, Health-Physical Education and Sports Counseling H110 tbabin@hartnell.edu
Barminski Robert 770−7056 Instructor (Geology/Oceanography) Math, Science and Engineering N9 rbarminski@hartnell.edu
Barroso Yolanda 755−6700 Administrative Assistant I (Switchboard) Adminstrative Services B116 ybarroso@hartnell.edu
Becerra Eric 770−7070 Grant Project Director (HEP) Languages and Fine Arts AC-A117 ebecerra@hartnell.edu
Beck James 755−6766 Instructor (ESL) Languages and Fine Arts E312 jbeck@hartnell.edu
Bekker Slava 759−6005 Instructor (Chemistry) Math, Science and Engineering N27 sbekker@hartnell.edu
Bersamin Manuel 759−6036 Director (TRIO) Student Affairs D122 mbersami@hartnell.edu
Bertomen Lindsey 755−6742 Instructor (Administration of Justice) Social and Behavioral Sciences E207 lbertomen@hartnell.edu
Beymer David 755−6846 Instructor (Athletics)/Athletic Trainer Athletics, Health-Physical Education and Sports Counseling H07 dbeymer@hartnell.edu
Binning Linda 755−6950 Custodian (Maintenance and Operations) Adminstrative Services L lbinning@hartnell.edu
Black Joni 755−6882 Science Lab Technician Math, Science and Engineering N5A jblack@hartnell.edu
Blevins Megan 755−6772 Instructional Technologist Information and Technology Resources A128 mblevins@hartnell.edu
Bliss Shannon 755−6875 Dean of Academic Affars (Institutional Programs & Services) Academic Affairs D106 sbliss@hartnell.edu
Boardroom   ext:    Superintendent/President E112  
Bollin Alexis 755−6775 Manager (Bookstore) Adminstrative Services CBOOKS 0632mgr@follett.com
Bona Kira ext: 7811 Bookkeeper/Database Manager Advancement and Development/Foundation E103 kbona@hartnell.edu
Book Lenders   755−6734   Bookstore C140  
Bookstore   755−6775   Bookstore CBOOKS  
Bosler Eric 755−6792 Instructor (Art/Photography) Languages and Fine Arts J208B ebosler@hartnell.edu
Bothwell Mike 755−6775 Course Materials Manager (Bookstore) Adminstrative Services CBOOKS 0632txt@fheg.follett.com
Brandt Bruce 770−6170 Computer/Telephone Technician Information and Technology Resources E113 bruce@hartnell.edu
Brandt Emily 770−6157 Clinical Coordinator (Respiratory Pract Care) Nursing & Allied Health AC-A ebrandt@hartnell.edu
Bravo Gabriel 755−6926 Counselor Student Affairs B129F gbravo@hartnell.edu
Burnett Amy 770−7011 Counselor - Adjunct (DSP&S) Student Affairs B105 aburnett@hartnell.edu
Burns Susanne 755−6929 Young Company Coordinator Western Stage KBOOTH sburns@hartnell.edu
Butler James 755−6732 Instructor (Mathematics) Math, Science and Engineering N26 jbutler@hartnell.edu