Drafting Design Technology



Drafting design engineering technology program is designed to prepare you to meet the needs of today’s demanding engineering and technology related job market. This program at Hartnell College allows you to pursue a career with a variety of companies that employ engineering technicians, or transfer to a university.  Students who complete this program will be able to prepare the drawings required to transfer an idea or design from architects or engineers to the construction, production or fabrication areas.  The program can be arranged to earn either a certificate of achievement or an associate in sciences degree. You may also enroll to update your skill and learn the latest CAD applications in our new facility. We are currently using the following software:

· AutoCAD                                  

· Inventor

· Architectural Revit

· Google sketch up

· Solidworks





Parviz Entekhabi

Robert Ward, A.I.A



Hartnell College

Advance Technology

Alisa Campus

1722 East Alisal

Salinas CA 93906

Required major courses for associate degree:


Introduction to Drafting Design (DRA-50)

Introduction to AutoCAD (DRA-52)

Advanced Auto CAD (DRA –53)

AutoCAD 3D Modeling (DRA-54)

Print Reading fir Industry (DRA-64)

Mechanical Drafting /CAD using Inventor (DRA-58)  

Architectural Design & Visual Communication I(DRA 70)

Architectural Design & Visual Communication II(DRA 71)

Architectural Design & Visual Communication IIIDRA 72)

Print Reading and Modeling for construction (CON-104)

Engineering Graphics/CAD  (EGN-2)

Introduction to Design using Solidworks.(EGN-12)






For more information contact:

Parviz Entekhabi

Phone: 831-755-6966

E-mail: entekhabi@hartnell.edu

Office: A 109 AC   (Spring l 2013)

M: 8:30 9:30 AM ;W: 12:00– 1:00 PM

T:5:00 PM –6:00 PM:TH. 4:30-PM-5:30 PM

Friday: by appointment