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Major Facilities and New Programs

Current technologies in facilities and programs that prepare graduates with competitive job skills and vocational training.

Key Strategic Initiatives
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  Fundraising Goal
A. Agricultural Program   $2,000,000
B. Library Fund   $2,000,000
C. CALL Building: Equipment & Endowment   $1,835,000
D. Health Sciences Program   TBD
Total:   $5,835,000 + TBD

Community members have been leading the way in helping shape a new Hartnell that will prepare our graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to transfer to a four-year college or university, succeed in the work force of today and tomorrow, and improve their own prospects as well as those of the local economy.

In the descriptions of the following Key Initiatives, you will often see a committee list comprising college and community leaders that have adopted this initiative and are doing the hard work of researching and developing the programs, and raising some of the necessary funds for the programs. Please contact the Foundation Office at (831)755-6810 if you are interested in participating on one of these committees.

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