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Hartnell College has subscribed to Go2Knowledge, a resource for online, on-demand training that covers the following:

  • At-Risk Populations
  • Campus Safety
  • Organizational Development
  • Student Success
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Technology
All training is free to Hartnell employees, thanks to funding through the Professional Development Committee.
For faculty, all training is pre-approved for flex. A monthly report will be provided by Go2Knowledge, listing all participants who complete a training module.
All employees are encouraged to include this training in their annual reports for evaluation.
To get started, go to www.go2knowledge.org/hartnell and log in. (View the log-in information here- you must be signed in using your Hartnell Gmail account to be able to view the document!)
Then, choose from one of the 100+ training opportunities & click on the title. You'll be asked to enter your first & last names and the name of the institution. That's it. When you complete a training module, you'll be able to request a certificate of completion.