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College Planning Council


Council Members

Tony Anderson, Academic Senate President, Co-Chair Academic Senate tanderso@hartnell.edu 755-6963 Permanent
Willard Lewallen, Superintendent/President, Co-Chair Administration wlewallen@hartnell.edu 755-6900 Permanent
Lori Kildal, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Member Administration lkildal@hartnell.edu 770-7090 Permanent
Christine Svendsen, Faculty, HCFA President, Member Hartnell College Faculty Association csvendsen@hartnell.edu 755-6851 Permanent
Romero Jalomo, Vice President of Student Affairs, Member Administration rjalomo@hartnell.edu 755-6822 Permanent
Alfred Muñoz, Vice President of Administrative Services, Member Administration amunoz@hartnell.edu 755-6995 Permanent
Stephanie Low, Dean of Academic Affairs, Member Administration slow@hartnell.edu 755-6764 June 2015
Renata Funke, Dean of South County Education Services, Member Administraion rfunke@hartnell.edu 386-7100 Permanent
Joanne Trevino C.S.E.A. jtrevino@hartnell.edu 755-6830 June 2015
Delia Edeza C.S.E.A. edeza@hartnell.edu 759-6179 June 2015

Stephen Otero, Technology Specialist, C.S.E A. President, Member

C.S.E A. sotero@hartnell.edu 770-6107 Permanent
Andy Newton, Director of Title V, Member Administration anewton@hartnell.edu 755-6803 June 2015
David Beymer, Athletic Trainer, Member Faculty dbeymer@hartnell.edu 755-6846 June 2015
Carol Kimbrough, Faculty, Member Faculty ckimbrough@hartnell.edu 755-6856 June 2015
Cheryl O'Donnell, Faculty, Member Faculty codonnell@hartnell.edu 755-6740 June 2015
Janeen Whitmore, Faculty, Member Faculty jwhitmore@hartnell.edu 770-6141 June 2015
Ann Wright, Faculty, Member Faculty awright@hartnell.edu 770-6112 June 2015
Dale Fuge, Swimming Pool Attendant, Member L-39, dfuge@hartnell.edu 755-6833 June 2015
Elaine Duran, Student, Member Associated Students elaineduran@student.hartnell.edu 755-6734 June 2014
James Stephens, Student, Member Associated Students jamesstephens11543@student.hartnell.edu 755-6734 June 2014