Assignment 4

Using a word processing program, create a file containing your name and then list your answers to the following questions. Run a spell check, then upload your completed assignment file to this week's e-College drop box.

Access the Hartnell Library web page at, go to the Reference Databases section of the page, then click the links to open the requested databases for each question. If you are accessing the library databases from off campus, you will be prompted to enter your Hartnell College Cat Card number. If you need assistance logging on, please contact the Reference Desk, (831) 759-6078.

  1. Open Access Science. Search the encyclopedia for the definition of microbiology. Open the encyclopedia article you find. What are two major subdivisions of microbiology?
  2. Return to the Hartnell Library home page and click the Center for Disease Control National Center for Health Statistics link. Click on FastStats A-Z, California. What is the fertility rate?
  3. Return to the Hartnell Library home page and open RAND California. Click Statistics, Health and Socioeconomics, AIDS. What is the number of AIDS cases to date for 2005?

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