Assignment 2

Using a word processing program, create a file containing your name and then list your answers to the following questions. Run a spell check, then upload your file to the e-College Week One drop box.

Access the Hartnell Library web page at, then click the link to open the online catalog.

  1. Suggest one or more appropriate search sites for each of the following searches. Give the name of the search engine you used and the title and the web address of the best match you discovered. Don't be afraid to use some of the recommended search techniques listed in the U.C. Berkeley Internet tutorial,
    1. Information on social sciences field work in the United States.
    2. Who invented Robert's Rules of Order .
    3. The definition of the Spanish word "boda".
    4. Biography and birth date of Jane Goodall .

  2. Compare search engines by performing the following searches (be sure to type in terms exactly as shown below) using Yahoo!,, Google,, and,, and write down the number of search results for each search using each engine. Hint--you may need to make sure of the search engine's Advanced Search features to structure your search. Notice what happens when you add and combine terms.
    1. anthropology
    2. anthropologist
    3. anthro*
    4. anthropology AND gender
    5. anthropology AND gender NOT women

  3. Create and list the exact search queries you would use for the following searches. Use the Yahoo! search directory and perform the following searches to see what results your search queries return. List the title and web address of the best match for each search.:
    1. Scholarships for re-entry women
    2. Eating disorders support groups
    3. Colleges and universities in British Columbia, Canada
    4. Number of states and Union territories in India

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