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Health Careers

The health care field has exploded in recent years. One reason is that the American population is aging. What this means is that there are employment opportunities for just about anyone, no matter what your talents, interest, skills and education levels. These jobs include professional as well as highly skilled positions held by technicians and health care assistants. The health services industry is one of the largest industries in present economy. Use the following sources to research how you can become part of this growing industry.


Careers in Focus: Nursing (2006)
Provides an overview of the variety of careers in nursing . Nurse midwives, oncological nurses, neonatal nurses, and transplant coordinators are among the career descriptions.

Careers in Health Care (2005)
Describes a wide variety of career choices including many at the technician level. Biomedical equipment technician, histologic technician and histotechnologist, medical technologist and medical laboratory technician, and nuclear medicine technologist are among the many careers detailed.

Opportunities in Allied Health (2005)
Outlines the need for paraprofessionals in the medical, nursing, dental, optometry, physical and occupational therapy, and psychiatry fields, along with education and training requirements.


LifeWorks; Explore Health and Medical Science Careers

This is a site from the National Institute of Health, Office of Science Education. It provides general information about health careers, how to train for a specific career and other useful career specific information.

MedlinePlus: Health Occupations

This is the National Library of Medicine site that provides an exhaustive list of health occupations, and useful information about criteria to consider in choosing a career. The site also maintains active links to other credible websites offering similar information.

This is a free website that contains everything you want to know about a wide variety of health careers.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

This site is provided by the U.S. government. It describes occupations, including training and education needed, salary, and other useful information


A job site that lets you search California jobs (by region) and beyond. It provides information on resumes, salaries, specific careers and more. It also provides Job specific guides for planning purposes.

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