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Political Science Resources


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Elections - Voting

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California State Government Sites

California Government for a list of California State Government office holders, their addresses, and job descriptions of their positions. Also includes California Supreme Court Justices.

California State Agencies. Intended to help you find your way through the diverse services, agencies and programs that your State Government provides. Addresses and information on everything from the Alcoholic Beverage Control to Workers Compensation.

Current Legislation . A searchable site for the current or prior legislative session. Scroll down the page for a search form.

Legislative Analyst's Office for a summary and analysis of the proposed 1996-97 State Budget, plus studies on Child Abuse in California, Reforming the Prison Industry Authority, California's Economy, and more.

Federal Government Sites

FedWorld Information Network The central access point for locating information published by the United States government.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Data. Try the Selective Access option to design a survey output on your search terms.

U.S. Census Bureau This is another site where you can design your own output. Click on Access Tools.

Thomas Congressional Records, maintained by the Library of Congress. This is a searchable database, to find records of bills before the present Congress (105th Session) and the last one (104th).

All Things Considered An alternative view of Washington from the citizen's perspective. Recent speeches by Bill and Newt, political scandals ignored by mainstream media, etc.

Weberals: Pathways on the Web The Left Side of the Web. Links to FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting), Cubaweb, Turn Left, CovertAction Quarterly, and People for the American Way.

United Nations Online

The White House official web site

Yahoo sub-directory of political science sources

Yahoo sub-directory of government sources