Lesson Four: How to insert Hyperlinks into Word Document


Open your Word document. Place your cursor at the position at which you wish to insert your link. Click Insert, then select Hyperlink.



You will see the following screen:


Type in whatever text you want to display as the link your web page visitor will click.

Type in the full address of the web site or file you want the user to access by clicking the link:



This is how your newly created link will appear on the Word document:


Click to access Hartnell Home Page


If you wish to create a link to another web page in the same folder as the page you are creating, follow the same instructions as above but instead of typing in a web address, type in the name of the htm file you wish to access from this link. Make sure only the file name appears in the address field:



Once you save your Word document as a web page and publish it to the web server, this link will now function correctly.


Linking Web Pages Within Your Web Site


The only way visitors will be able to move from page to page within your web site is through the use of hyperlinks. You may wish to set up a table of contents page and links that would allow site visitors to select specific pages within your site from a list. If you choose this option, be sure to create a link from each page that will return the user to the table of contents web page.


Alternatively, you may wish to provide visitors links on each page that allow them to immediately move to any page on your site without having to return to a table of contents page.


Using Images as Hyperlinks


Images may also be used as navigational icons to help users move from web page to web page. To create a navigational icon, first insert the image you wish to use as a link into your document. Click on Insert, Picture, then choose Clip Art or From File.


Now select the image you wish to convert to a hyperlink by clicking on it. You will see little boxes appear to indicate the image has been selected. Click on Insert, Hyperlink, then type in the name of the file or the web address you wish to access when the image is clicked:



Creating E-mail Link


Hypertext and image links may be created that will allow visitors to send you an e-mail message. To create a hypertext link to your e-mail address, place the cursor where you want the link to appear, then click Insert, Hyperlink. Type mailto: in the Address field, followed by your e-mail address:



If you wish to use an image as a mailto link, first insert the image into your document, then select the image, click Insert, Hyperlink, and repeat the instructions above.


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