Congressman Panetta stands with DACA Students

Publish Date: 
Oct 24, 2017

On Wednesday, October 18, 2017, Congressman Jimmy Panetta accepted our invitation to come to campus and provide an update on DACA. Rep. Panetta updated the attendees on efforts that are underway in Washington D.C. to support legislation to benefit our DACA students and other immigrants waiting for a comprehensive immigration reform. Two of these bills include the Bridge Act and the RAC Act. “I have supported efforts to force a vote on the Dream Act by signing a discharge petition in the House,” said Rep. Panetta. “It is the shared responsibility of Democrat and Republican colleagues to put forward a framework upon which we can agree to an earned pathway to citizenship for Dreamers as well as technological upgrades and improvements to the security of our border.” This informational session also addressed the progress made at a local level here at Hartnell College. This is part of the State’s DACA Advocacy Week set forth by the Chancellor’s Office in response to President Trump’s recent decision to rescind DACA. Trustees Manuel Osorio and Candi DePauw were there in support of our students. Director of Special Programs and Mi CASA, Bronwyn Moreno as well as Immigration Lawyer, Magnolia Zarraga were at hand to inform the DACA population of ways in which they can move on with or without a DACA program. A list of resources now available were a part of the offerings during the convening. Student Ambassador, Adriana Gonzalez, presented Rep. Panetta and I with a framed photo of DACA students, which we were honored to receive.