Mexican masks and Kavan Lake photos on display now in Seminar Gallery

Publish Date: 
Sep 12, 2018
ballet dancer in mid air, in the  middle of a city street

Two new exhibits have opened at the Seminar Gallery in the Visual Arts Building (J). One features selections from the Hartnell College collection of festival masks from Mexico. The other is an exhibit of Kavan Lake’s photographs called “Dancers Upstage.”

The Mexican masks, which reflect a blending of pre-Hispanic beliefs and rituals with Christian traditions, include those worn by dancers to represent everything from old men to devils to an array of animals. Devils, for example, are depicted with a European type of red face, and native animals such as the tiger are presented as an abstract embodiment.

Lake, whose work focuses on dancers upstaging and outshining their surroundings, is a retired Marine chopper pilot, engineer who lives in Salinas with his wife and two daughters.

Known as a lover of all people, the former student of Hartnell Photography Professor Eric Bossler met on Aug. 29 with Hartnell’s visual arts students, Council for the Arts members and others. He explained that he has sought for more than six years to establish “a connection between the dancers, my camera and their movements.” Lake hopes viewers take the time with the work to be in the moment with dancers and photographer.

The mask exhibit will be on display through Nov. 2, and the photography through Oct. 5.