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Hartnell’s Clean Energy/Green Construction Training Program Awards Ceremony on Thursday

August 10th, 2010

On Thursday morning, August 12, students in the Hartnell Center for Sustainable Design and Construction’s inaugural class of the Clean Energy/Green Construction Training Program will present their building performance audits for area businesses in a culminating presentation and awards ceremony in the new CALL building on Hartnell’s main campus in Salinas.

The awards ceremony will take place at noon, following a morning of building audit presentations.

The Clean Energy/Green Construction Training Program is an eight-month program consisting of more than 330 hours of classroom training and 300 hours of paid internships. The uniquely designed program is a public-private partnership jointly sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, the California Employee Development Department, the Monterey Workforce Investment Board, and the Hartnell Center for Sustainable Design & Construction.

Sixty students completed the program with courses in Green Construction Methods and Materials, Green Plumbing USA, Principles of PV/Solar, Greywater Installation, and Building Retrofit Analysis.

From June through August, teams of interns completed building performance assessments of 11 facilities in the Salinas Valley area, under the guidance of Moss Landing-based contractor BuildingWise. Nine of those reports will be presented on Thursday, with presentations beginning at 9, 10, and 11 a.m.

While some students are moving on to employment, slightly more than half of the class will be returning to the Hartnell campus this fall to attend classes, as well as participating as interns on several projects on campus and in the community while pursuing a certificate or degree in Sustainable Construction.

Speakers for the awards ceremony include the Director of the Center for Sustainable Construction, Mike Thomas. A buffet lunch will follow the awards ceremony. The students and program leaders will be available for interviews by the media.

For more information, please contact Mike Thomas at (831) 594-6203.

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The CALL building is opposite the new library at the corner of Central Avenue and Homestead Avenue. The presentation will be in the training room on the second floor. Please contact Mike Thomas for questions and directions.