STEM Internship Program W 0 R K S H 0 P S

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Dec 1, 2016
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Friday, 11/18, 3-4pm (N12): STEM Internship Program Workshop--
How to apply to and find internships
11/29 and 12/1, 4-5pm (N30): STEM Internship Program-- Resume
Workshops. Come and learn how to write a stellar resume and
receive support/feedback!
12/6 and 12/8, 4-5pm (N30): STEM internship Programn Personal
Statement Workshops. Come and learn how to write a stand out
personal statement and receive support/feedback.
Friday, 12/9, 3-4pm (N12): STENI Internship Program- Appiying to NSF
Research Experiences for Undergraduates. Come and learn more
about REU's with representatives from Monterey Bay Regional
Ocean Science NSF REU.
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Or stop by the MESA office in Office N-3