Physics 2B Labs

  • Physics Laboratory Report Format
    1. Human Power
    2. Electrical Equivalent of Heat
    3. Temperature Measurment and the Heat of Fusion
    4. Density and Archimedes Principle
    5. Hooke's Law and Simple Harmonic Motion of a Spring
    6. Velocity of Sound
    7. Resonant Air Column
    8. Standing Waves on a String
    9. Interference of Light
    10. Refraction, Reversibility, Dispersion and Total Internal Reflection
    11. Reflection and Image Formation by Plane and Cylindrical Mirrors
    12. Converging Lens
    13. Compound Microscope
    14. Static Electricity
    15. Ohm's Law
    16. Resistance Measurements Using the Wheatstone Bridge
    17. Measurement of the Earth's Magnetic Field
    18. Magnetic Field Due to a Circular Current Loop