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Join us and become a member of Hartnell's Physics Club. All thaqt is required to join is to be a student of Hartnell college, and of course be interested in physics! To join, Jjust showup at our next club meeting and introdce yourself. We meet every Friday at 1:00pm in the Merill Hall Rotarium. Hartnell Physics Club members are encouraged, but not required, to join the national Society of Physics Students club. More info on the structure of the club may be found here.

Students may become SPS members either by printing a membership form and giving it to an officer, or by simply filling out an online form and submitting directly to SPS national. There is a yearly $20 dollar due associated with an active SPS membership. At the beginning of each semester the club offers to pay half of each members dues lowering the fee to $10.00

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