Dr. Brooke Haag

     Educational Background:

  • BS in Physics--Sonoma State University
  • MS in Physics--University of California at Davis
  • PhD in Physics--University of California at Davis

After three years as a student at Hartnell College I graduated with degrees in Physics and Mathematics and aspirations to be a college Physics professor one day. As an undergraduate, I spent two summers getting fantastic research experience as an intern. I participated in two different projects: subsurface geophysics at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and observational astronomy at the University of Notre Dame. In 2001 after two years at Sonoma State University, I finally finished my BS in Physics. I began graduate school the following fall at the University of California at Davis where I learned a great deal about being a good teacher as well a good researcher. I have recently finished my PhD in Nuclear Physics. My specific research concerns searching for a new phase of matter known as the Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP) in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions. My hobbies and interests include reading, traveling, musical theater, biking, good films, good food, Rock Band, and spending time with with my family and friends.

Courses being taught fall semester 2012:

  • Physics 2A Lec MWF 12:00--12:50 PM in M-11
  • Physics 2A Disc T 9:00--9:50 AM in M-11
  • Physics 4A Lec MWF 10:00--10:50 AM in M-8
  • Physics 4A Disc Th 2:00--2:50 PM in M-8
  • Physics 4A Lab T 2:00--4:50 PM in M-11
  • Physics 4B Lec MWF 8:00--8:50 AM in M-11
  • Physics 4B Disc T 10:00--10:50 AM in M-11
  • Physics 4B Lab Th 3:00--5:50 PM in M-11

     email: bhaag@hartnell.edu