Laura Fatuzzo

     Educational Background:

  • MS in Physics--University of Oregon

After earning a Masterís in Physics at the University of Oregon, I was as a physics lab assistant at Lakewood Community College in White Bear Lake Minnesota for two years. I then taught physics for ten years at Rochester Community and Technical College in Rochester MN and then for six years at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas. I am very happy and excited to be teaching at Hartnell College. Outside of teaching, my interests include the outdoors, the arts, travel and languages.

Courses being taught spring semester 2014:

  • Physics 2B Lec MWF 12:00--12:50 PM in N-11
  • Physics 2B Disc T 12:00--12:50 PM in N-11
  • Physics 2B Lab Th 11:00--1:50 PM in N-11
  • Physics 4A Lec MWF 10:00--10:50 AM in A-113
  • Physics 4A Disc Th 2:00--2:50 PM in N-1
  • Physics 4A Lab F 2:00--4:50 PM in N-11
  • Physics 4C Lec MWF 9:00--9:50 AM in N-11
  • Physics 4C Disc T 2:00--2:50 AM in N-1