Faculty and Staff Directory

 Last/Department Name:  First Name:  Ext:  Position:  Area:  Location:  Email:
Kaczmar Debra 770-6146 Dean of Nursing & Allied Health Nursing & Allied Health B219  dkaczmar@hartnell.edu
Kappagantula Bala 755-6748 Director of Information Technology Resources Information and Technology Resources E113  bkappagantula@hartnell.edu
Kelsey Diane 755-6989 Wardrobe Manager Western Stage K102  dkelsey@hartnell.edu
Kessler Kimberly 386-7126 Administrative Assistant III King City Education Center KC121  kkessler@hartnell.edu
Kildal Lori 770-7091 Vice President of Academic Affairs Academic Affairs D103  lkildal@hartnell.edu
King Carol 755-6935 Instructor (ESL) Languages and Fine Arts D387  cking@hartnell.edu
King City Education Center   386-7100   King City Education Center KC121  
Laird Kenny 770-7013 Director of Public Safety/Emergency Management Administrative Services E105  klaird@hartnell.edu
Landa Harvey 755-6981 Audience Services/Front of House Western Stage K142  hlanda@hartnell.edu
Language Lab   770-7066   Languages and Fine Arts D359A  
Lanka Sunita 755-6930 Instructor (English) Languages and Fine Arts D303  slanka@hartnell.edu
Lanka Sunita 386-7136 Instructor (English) Languages and Fine Arts KC215C  slanka@hartnell.edu
Ledesma Francisco 755-6950 Custodian (Maintenance and Operations) Administrative Services L  fledesmagarcia@hartnell.edu
Ledesma Joel 755-6955 Warehouse Technician Administrative Services L  jledesma@hartnell.edu
Lehman Amy 755-6760 Director of DSP&S Student Affairs B107C  alehman@hartnell.edu
Lewallen Willard 755-6900 Superintendent/President Superintendent/President E102  wlewallen@hartnell.edu
Lewis Vince 770-7011 Counselor - Adjunct (DSP&S) Student Affairs B105  vlewis@hartnell.edu
Library   755-6872   Library Services A144  
Lindsey Andrew 755-6913 Planetarium Coordinator Science, Technology, Engineering and Math S101  alindsey@hartnell.edu
Lipowski Marek 755-6959 Instructional Associate Advanced Technology and Applied Science AC-B118  mlipowsk@hartnell.edu
Locke Kelly 770-7018 Project Director (Title V) Instructional Programs and Support E209  klocke@hartnell.edu
Locke Kelly 755-6758 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Math, Science and Engineering D262  klocke@hartnell.edu
Lofman Brian 755-6809 Dean of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness Institutional Planning and Effectiveness T  blofman@hartnell.edu
Lopez Daniel 755-6708 Instructor (Communication) Languages, Learning Support and Resources D354  drlopez@hartnell.edu
Lopez Gabriela 770-6137 Articulation Officer & Counselor Student Affairs B129D  glopez@hartnell.edu
Lopez Jessica 759-6007 Program Assistant I (Transfer and Career Center) Student Affairs C132  jelopez@hartnell.edu
Lopez Angie ext: 7865 Administrative Assistant I (EOPS/CARE) Student Affairs B130  anlopez@hartnell.edu
Luciano Paul 755-6996 Budget and Grants Accountant Administrative Services E108  pluciano@hartnell.edu
Lucido Peter 755-6721 Supervisor (Saturday only) Academic Affairs B107  plucido@hartnell.edu
Lydon Teresita 759-6015 Specialist (Library) Library Services A140  tlydon@hartnell.edu