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Program Planning & Assessment
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Hartnell College Board Room - 411 Central Salinas, CA
September 22, 2008 at 3:00PM

Chair - Kelly Locke
Co-Chair - Kathleen Rose

Assoc VP of Academic Affairs - Kathleen Rose
VP of Student Services - Maria Murga (in Greg Peterson's absence)
Academic Senate - Kelly Locke
Classified Senate - Langston Johnson
CSEA - Ruby Garcia
Student Senate - Absent
Chair of SLO's - Kathy Mende

No Guests

Lourdes Sanchez

4 pm

Agenda #1

Presenter:Kathleen Rose
Summary of Agenda Item:Kathleen made opening remarks about how important this meeting is and she said that all members of this committee will have the opportunity to participate and give any remarks on how the participation was in the retreat, and any contribution to the discussion of PPA Flex Day on October 17,2009.
Action(s) required:

Agenda #2

Presenter:Kelly Locke
Summary of Agenda Item:A. Kelly, because we do not have a lot of meetings with faculty for feedback in between to get ready for the Flex Day, Cheryl and I putted together a series of activities like: program descriptions that are in the R:drive. "Program descriptions renewed and revised for catalog"

b. Brief discussion from a question made by Langston on if “all areas listed in the catalog are going to have programs reviewed” and the answer was that not all areas have a Full-time faculty to review these programs for example Construction does not have a full-time faculty to work on this program. Then, in response to this question a suggestion from Kelly was made to prepare a list of all programs who do not have Full-time instructors to make the Institution and us individuals aware of this problem, because this will impact how we can accomplish our program planning, and the Accreditation report. We have to be able to respond on how we are doing to accomplish what has been asked to do. More discussion on how this problem should be taken care and how maybe in the future someone can come up with a plan on how to accomplish this project and the need for program review. Kathy M, mentioned to the committee that some of these programs had not been reviewed because there is not a faculty/person to do it, not because we do not need them.
Action(s) required:Continuing with the preparation for the Flex Day activities on how to record the Program descriptions revisions, the idea of having blank space between all these programs to be able to report these corrections was made by Langston and Kathy and to submit them to someone in the Discipline to be submitted to the curriculum committee for process and approval.

Agenda #3

Topic:Program Level Outcomes
Summary of Agenda Item:A. Kelly- Program level outcomes determined for Occ .Ed. area (w/in program disciplines) from VTEA reports, those will be included in the description, in the catalog description. The question from Kelly was if this will be reasonable for Certificates and Degrees? Or just for Certificates? Then the question was made if a template or format should be given for consistency.

B. Kelly talked about the plan that Cheryl and her have to pull out all courses and the review the SLO’s to clean them, minus this redundancy this are the transfer level outcomes that will be used. There is a competency, and analyzes form, that will be use to record outcomes for all programs. Course outlines need to be review and get ready for this screening , course outlines reviewed before 2000 shouldn’t have SLO’s. A plan calendar for course level assessment Fall/Spring, Fall/Spring .
Minimum of two SLO’s completed in this Flex Day.

C. Kathleen asked to provide a guide for Diego Navarro’s presentation
-Kelly asked what are the criteria/requirements to attend Diego’s presentation. Then a question was asked to the committee "what about if I attend the retreat I do not want to attend Diego’s presentation"? A decision was made that this DBA presentation will be presented in Flex Day agenda in a way that people who did not attend the retreat will be at this presentation to learn about this program.

D. Peggy Mayfield will help with logistics
Action(s) required:the decision was made that Kathy and Cheryl will work to develop this format.

Agenda #4

Topic:Program Plan Level Assessment
Presenter:Kelly Locke
Summary of Agenda Item:A. presentation meeting needed to answer few questions/concerns that people might have as well as the committee budget implications. Dr. Peterson gave an example/idea to start the orientation meeting.
Action(s) required:Dr. Rose suggested a follow up workshop and or independent activity to follow up these presentation of Program Level Outcomes and Program Level Assessment.

Agenda #5

Topic:Curriculum Committee
Presenter:Kathy Mendelsohn
Summary of Agenda Item:A. Catalog dates. They are three more meetings 10/19, 11/02 and 12/02/08, they do not know Catalog dates. A discussion on how SLO's will be integrated into Catalog-program-course description should be integrated
B. SLO's to be assess and course to be Review FA 08-SP 10, master course list attached for your revision,(current-revised-new) course that were approved 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006, review time or set times for revisions
C. A discussion on how or what will be the directions at the Flex Day on how many program level outcomes the group will be ask to includ in the course description that will let the students know what he/she be able to do ounce he/she finish or complete the program, if it should be also part of the description.
Action(s) required:a form will be included in the package to facilitate this process
Responsibilites:Cheryl O'Donnell